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Incredible Bonus books included FREE!!

Most of the books you have seen in the package so far are being sold seperately by many web sites. But there's more!!! As a bonus we've put together even more great ebooks. We believe the best most Ultimate set of webmaster, business, advertising, publishing and marketing toolkit you will find on the Internet.

Exclusive bonus offer includes...

Affiliate Master Course
By Ken Evoy

The Affiliate Masters Course, written by Ken Evoy, President of, is an intensive 10-DAY course on becoming a high-earning affiliate champion.

This is a must-read for any webmaster and we have included it specfically in this package because it is of such high quality.

207 Pages

Basic HTML
By Larry Poch

A great introduction if you want to learn the basics of making web pages using HTML.

Drop Ship Source Directory
By Chris Malta

Sell all the BEST Name Brand products on YOUR Web Site or Auctions! Sell all the BEST Name Brand products on YOUR Web Site or Auctions!

"Chris Malta has to be one of the most knowledgeable writers on drop-shipping on the Internet..."

Peter Thiruselvam, Editor; Web Pro News Magazine

Over 47,200 Targeted Hits For Free

Find out everything you need to know about PPC or Pay Per Click advertising for your website.

A strong beginners guide but also provides tips beneficial even most seasoned webmaster.

Web Design Magic

You will be amazed at the depth that has gone into Web Design Magic. It's more than just designing your web sites. It has information on target marketing, writing, and other resources.

"A well designed web site means more sales"

Guru Magic
By Harvey Segal

Dozens of Internet marketing guru's profiled and interviewed. Get top tips from the experts in this no-nonsense book.

$700 in 7 days
By Jerome Chapman

Well written and full of practical advice. This is not a 'get rich quick' scheme that promises something that it can't deliver. It really is possible to make $700 in 7 days on the Internet using these techniques.

Highly Recommended

Expert To Expert - Eye to Eye
By Debbie Solomon and Sara Hardy

  • Traits and skills of successful Internet Entrepreneurs
  • Search Engine tricks
  • Five step marketing checklist
  • Simple Ad mistakes that will kill your response
  • Creating your own product for profit
  • How to create multiple streams of income from your site
  • 138 pages of great strategies

Mind Your Own Business!
By Debbie Solomon and Sara Hardy

Mind your own Business is designed to help condition your mind and business to accomplish the goals you have set forth for yourself. Income and time are the two most valuable assets needed to achieve personal goals. Now you will learn what it takes to create both.

Desktop Money Machine!

The insiders secrets on how to turn your desktop computer into a money making machine.

Success Secrets
By Kevin Sinclair

  • Characteristics of successful people that you can emulate so you too can be successful
  • Learn how to decide what you really want in life
  • Simple formulas you can follow to guarantee wealth over time
  • Simple formulas you can follow to guarantee wealth over time
  • Know when to borrow money, when to invest money and when to save money
  • Goal sheets for Career, Family, Physical, Mental and Social pursuits

Press Release Guide

Sending a press release is one of the most effective ways to generate publicity for your business. It can drive mountains of customers to your websites and order lines.

Just one mention of your business in one of your industries major publications can bring thousands of targeted prospects to your site and literally explode your sales instantly.

Get this guide and you will be sending out press releases in no time!

The Service Sellers Masters Course
By Ken Evoy

The Service Sellers Masters Course, written by Ken Evoy, President of, is an intensive 10-DAY course on building a Web site that attracts potential new clients from around the world (ex., copywriter)... or around the block (ex., fitness trainer).

How? By building income through content... content that inspires TRUST and that leads to that all important first CONTACT... and CONTRACT!

The Service Sellers Masters Course is written by Ken Evoy. Ken is president of, a leader in Net marketing products. Their flagship product, Site Build It!, is considered a "quantum leap" product that puts the power of the Net into the average, non-tech-savvy small business person who may not "know tech"... but knows his/her business.

232 Pages

101 High Profit Businesses you can start with little or NO money

If you have ever wanted to own your own profitable, low maintenance business, but just couldn't seem to figure out how to start one from scratch, then this product was created for you. 

We have come up with 101 of the best Internet Marketing Ideas, Tips, and Suggestions and put them all together in this one package...Read through this electronic book...Study it...Pick out businesses you could create online for high profits. 

Click Your Way To Success

  • Understand basic Internet terminology
  • Selecting domain names
  • How to do a site story board
  • Search engine basics
  • Submitting articles for publication
  • Newgroups and classifieds
  • Using autoresponders
  • TONS more!

How to increase your website sales by up to 1700% or more in 17 days or less
By Jerome Chapman

  • Define your target market
  • Finding content on the Internet for your website
  • Sample article template
  • Finding joint ventures and partners
  • Lots of information on finding free advertising opportunities on the web

Ad Writing... Hitting Your Mark!
By Kris Secor

  • Learn a fast and easy way to get creative ideas for your Ad.
  • Create headlines that turn heads.
  • Fulfilling expectations
  • Finding joint ventures and partners
  • Smart simple techniques that will change the way you go about building advertising into your website.

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Get all these incredible eBooks and web site packages in an easy downloadable format today for only $49.99!

ONLY $49.99!!!
After payment is received you will receive a secure link to download the master eBook (346kb, in less than 2 minutes with 56K modem). You can then download the rest of the products in the package at any time from inside of the Master eBook. Download what you need, anytime you like.

All payments are handled securely and automatically through PayPal. Millions of Internet users and webmasters trust PayPal. At no time will have any of your credit card information. PayPal's security experts ensure that all of your billing information is secure and confidential., operated by Strategic Office Solutions, Inc., uses a verified PayPal account for all transactions.'s verified PayPal email account is [email protected].

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