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Internet Business Library

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You also get... 

28 Hand Picked Quality Info Products with Full Give Away Rights

Really Want more? You will find them in our Ultimate eLibrary

Discover How To Write Killer Ads
By Michael Corcoran

Does Internet Marketing Drive you crazy?

Tired of wasting your money and/or time placing ads that never get noticed? Want to know the real Secret to writing ads that pull like a powerful locomotive, sending box cars packed with people racing to your website?

Then you Can't Afford Not to read this book.

Free Give Away Rights


How to write, create and sell E-book
By Dirk Dupon

A complete Guide To Selling Your Own Ebooks On The Internet.

This manual shows you exactly how to write, create, promote and sell an E-book on the Web. It's packed with interesting tips and lots of links to free on-line services. Once you read it, you'll be able to launch your own profitable E-book on the Internet.

Free Give Away Rights


Online Business Basics
By Angela Wu

This is a free ebook that is extremely informative. When you are new or even better than new at marketing on the net, this book is worth taking the time to read.  Angela Wu is the writer of this well thought out book.  This book is in pdf format which means our Mac readers can enjoy reading it, too.

Free Give Away Rights


The Greatest Internet Marketing Secrets
By Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver has surpassed himself on this free to give away ebook.  Basically... he tells you that humans don't change.  The same excellent and creative advertising techniques still work that worked on human nature years and years ago still apply today.

  And, he gives you a whole book on those sale's tactics.  Don't miss it. It is a real "eye-opener!"

There is also an income opportunity in the book that costs $10.00 to have the book personalized, then you can give it away like crazy.   It is up to you.  However, just reading it is well worth the learning experience.

Free Give Away Rights


Magnetic Internet Power Marketing
By Frank Kern

Frank Kern has written a book that gives you a strong sense of what marketing is all about.  This book teaches you some very important information on the value of  giving away free reports and capturing email.

It is a free book to give away.  

There is also an income opportunity in the book  that you can read about and decide if you want to have the book branded by the author and have a chance at backend sales through giving away a free book.  This choice is up to you.

Free Give Away Rights


61 Sales-Boosting, Stealable Articles
by Terry Dean & Harmony Major

Explosive Wisdom from 2 Top e-Marketers!

In this eBook you will find 61articles range from Advertising with Ezines to Website Design & Promotion.

This ebook also  includes exclusive interviews with both Terry & Harmony. You are free to reprint the
interviews and all of the articles anywhere you wish.

Full Give Away Rights


Publishing With EbookoMatic
Steven Schneiderman

It is an informative and helpful 52 page report that explains the challenges of electronic publishing, proper manuscript preparation. It includes everything from a Pre-Publication Checklist, to sample copyright and disclaimer notices, how to use Microsoft Word to create a table of contents, headers, footers, and how to use Styles.  If you or your visitors have anything to do with
ebook production, then this ebook is a must read.

Full Give Away Rights




Free Personalized version
Shop Safely...and Save!
by BigFuss!.com

The Most Current Version of a complete guide to Safe, Intelligent and Profitable consumerism! Plus: $10 Free at Amazon and $60 of free magazine subscriptions! With the information in this easy-to-follow guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Save 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% or more on all your purchases
  • Protect yourself against credit card fraud or theft
  • Find unadvertised, below "rockbottom" prices on consumer goods and services.
  • Save time as well as money
  • Double your discretionary spending power
    ...and much more!

Full Give Away Rights


The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Starting a Web Site by Milana Nastetskaya

If you don't have a web site and want to know what is involved in starting one, this is the book for you!  It covers things like what skills and equipment you need to have, what programs you need to get, how to sell on your web site and more.

Full Give Away Rights
This eBook may not be sold.
It can only be included with other original products.


Practical DotCom Business
by Stewart Hutton

A Step By Step Guide To Creating Your Own Internet Business

Here's just a taste of what's in the guide:

Where and how to base your business on the internet.
How to decide what the right "subject" is for you. Combining design, layout and content to create your site. How to add relevant, dynamic, live content to your site. Turn casual visitors into a virtual community. How you can sell branded products with no inventory or investment. Traffic generating techniques that work ... and those to avoid.

Full Give Away Rights

Free Personalized version


3 eBooks in The Set
How to Start Your Own Traffic Virus Set
by Terry Dean

eBook #1: How to Start Your Own Traffic Virus

eBook #2: 101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start Online For Little or NO Money

eBook #3: The Best of Web Gold Over 75 training articles teaching you step-by-step how to build an Internet business.

Full Give Away Rights


Business eBooks (3 Titles)
by WorldExportNet

Useful Business books in electronic format including,

  • How to Write a Business Plan Practical
  • A Basic Guide to Exporting Informative
  • U.S. Constitution Educational

You might not need them but trust me some of your web site visitors would love to have them.

Free Give Away Rights
* These e-books are helpware which means you agree to give them away for free to at least 10 people you know for each e-book you download.


Totally Free Web Resources
by Dennis Bangerter

This e-book will introduce you to web page building tools, and show you how to host your site on free hosting services. You will learn how to find and use tons of free components (graphics, icons, dividers, plug-ins, etc.) to enhance your website. It also shows you how to get your domain name free, and point it to your new website. E-mail forwarding, Banner design programs, and other free services are covered in the eBook as well. It also takes you to some free advertising services where you can sign up and start advertising your website immediately. You will even discover how to make additional income from your website free!

Full Give Away Rights

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Get all these incredible eBooks and web site packages in an easy downloadable format today for only $49.99!

ONLY $49.99!!!
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